We got married in 2015, and at the same time we went full time capturing DFW weddings. We've loved getting to work together in this industry and getting to be with our clients on one of the most special days of their lives! It sounds cliche... but it's true!

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We both genuinely adore this job - there is so much to love about being a wedding photographer. 
At the heart of what we do is seeking out the beauty and magic of the subject we're photographing. It's our job to believe in the story, the emotions - if we can’t see it, the camera won’t see it either. 
Our greatest strength as artists is our ability to read people and translate their relationships into a photograph. There is a reason you feel something when you browse our photos. It's our own brand of magic. 

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We're reigh and chris

Our artistic approach blends journalism and editorial techniques. Our imagery is poetic and full of emotions and little details that we want to help you remember. We capture your wedding in a way that feels unrehearsed and in-the-moment.

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