I have always been an avid reader and spent most of my teen years writing my own stories. The love of reading and writing has profoundly influenced who I am as a wedding photographer.

By seamlessly blending narrative storytelling tools with the visual artistry of capturing wedding days, I've crafted a unique photographic voice—a style rich with depth, emotion, and vibrancy. This approach renders each moment I capture with the essence of the prose and poetry I've always been obsessed with.

The eye of a photographer with the heart of a writer.

a little backstory

I've been a full time wedding photographer since 2015 and I genuinely adore this expression of art. Through the years I have dedicated myself to learning the craft of story, not just photography. It's my job to get to know your story and to believe in it. I love to study and observe the energy and connection between a couple because if I can’t see it, the camera won’t see it either. 

My greatest strength as an artist is my ability to read people and translate relationships and connections into a photograph. There is a reason something is felt when my photos are viewed - it's my own brand of magic. 🖤

A little about me

Hi, I'm reigh. 

I genuinely love the art and technique of photography, and I am always seeking to understand more about myself as an artist. There is an ever-persistent itch to create that I can never seem to scratch, and I hope I never do. 

art that feels like poetry

I'm an artist at my core...

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My Husband 🫶🏻
Skiing (& Après-Ski!)
Fancy Foie Gras Appetizers
Hot Yoga 
Hand-Crafted Cocktails 
Interior Design 
(& now for the nerdiest thing about me...)

these are a few of my favorite things...

on a personal level...