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No matter what you have planned for your special day - DIY, all-out florals, intimate, huge party, full out band, string quartet- whatever you have planned, YOUR VISION IS PERFECT. We don't measure the value of your wedding on how much you spend on it, but how much love is in the room. We believe your photos should be beautiful whether you spend 5k on your day or 50k. 

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Hiring one team that does both photo and video will save you money and more than a few headaches. You won't have to worry about two separate teams both trying to compete to get what they need, two different timelines, multiple contracts and deposits, different opinions on where shooting should happen, two artistic visions, etc etc etc- we work together harmoniously and with the same vision so that you don't have to play referee between a pair of headstrong artists both trying to have their own way. It's YOUR day. It's not about us! 



Come peek at some of our favorite images. While we love every single moment of a wedding, we are experts at candids and stolen moments - the good stuff! 

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Reigh kept to the schedule we had set for the day and was so on top of things we were ahead of schedule which left extra time for my husband and I to enjoy moments of our wedding day we would not have had otherwise. She got the photos back to us within a week and they are stunning. - Danielle and Patrick

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