The most valuable thing we offer is an ability to look at each face and couple we capture and really see you for YOU. The guidance we give and the way we will approach directing you is going to flow out of who YOU are - we've got a knack for instinctively knowing what your best features are, and we're going to highlight those in your photos rather than doing the same thing at every single wedding. We are quick to pick up on the small things that makes your relationship what it is, and drawing out that connection - whether that is romantic, sassy, best friends, or even an enemies to lovers kind of story. (If you know you know.) 

We don't take the job lightly.

We have mellow personalities, but we are experts at knowing when it's appropriate to step in and be the authority in the room to keep things on track. 
We are attentive and sensitive to the tender moments that can unfold on a wedding day - the ones that will be burned into your memory, and we protect the space for you to feel fully present without interruption.

We have your back... 
and your good side.

The Experience


You are why we do this - 

lets do it

Lots of black and whites to put you in your feels.

Fun party photos to blackmail your friends with.

Clean + timeless portraits that never go out of style, and look good on mom's fridge.

Documentary style candids to remind you how you felt.

What you can expect...

Reigh & Chris are so kind and organized - which is what every bride & groom want during the planning process and on their wedding day. I CANNOT recommend Reigh enough. She made everything so easy and perfect.- Meredith and Taylor

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