The Experience

Observation > Intrusion.

You want magical photos that take your breath away, but you don’t want to spend a ton of time posing and smiling for a camera. I don’t want that for you either, so the time we spend on “posed” photos is as minimal as possible with a focus on the real moments instead. My style is a blend of editorial and documentary techniques, so while there will be a few portraits where I help guide you into Vogue-worthy poses, I want the majority of the day to be enjoyed without a lot of fuss and intrusion. 

Observation over intrusion. 

I love to be intentional about getting to know the couples that I photograph so that I can really understand the connection between them and translate that into photos that tell a story. The direction I give while we are taking photos flows organically and naturally with who you are as a couple - I use your unique connection and energy to guide photos rather than doing the same thing over and over again. 

I have a mellow and fun personality, and I am experienced in keeping a timeline on track while also being attentive and sensitive to the tender moments that happen on a wedding day - I will always protect that space for you to feel fully present without interruption. 

Guided by intentionality and balance.

My Approach


You are why I do this - 

lets do it

1. Fill out the contact form with your wedding date & location.

2. I send availability + pricing + full galleries, as well as a link to schedule a time to chat. 

3. If we both feel like it is a good fit, you'll sign the contract and submit a 25% deposit.

4. I'll set up a time for us to get to know each other so that I am not a stranger to you on the wedding day. We'll do this however is best for you - in person is always my preferred method, but if you aren't local we can do zoom! 

5.  I'll work with your planner to help create the perfect timeline! 


7. Sneak peeks within a few days.

8. Full  gallery within 6 weeks. 

The Process

I came across Reigh on Instagram while I was in the early stages of planning my wedding. Her photography style checked all my boxes: editorial, documentary, and detail-oriented. I wanted Vogue, and she brought that fire. When we took engagement photos with her, Reigh had a vision, and that made it easy to trust her. She makes you feel so comfortable, and meeting her was like reuniting with a friend. It was VERY clear after we got those photos back that Reigh is extremely talented. (There’s nothing like having too many photos to post and share on social media.) In the weeks leading up to our wedding, Reigh was available for phone calls and texts when I had questions or concerns about anything. I trusted her from the get-go and felt like she could offer her knowledge and honest opinions. On our wedding day, her team blew it out of the water. I received texts and calls complimenting Reigh’s photos more than anything else I had at our wedding. Each photo is a work of art and Reigh’s eye for detail is unmatched. I have never worked with a photographer who is more professional, real, organized, and FUN. She was there enjoying the entire night with us, and the photos and memories we get to walk away with are absolutely priceless. Photography and videography are an investment, and one day my husband and I will show our kids and grandkids photos from one of the most perfect days of our lives. When I look at them, I think of Reigh and her talent, wit, kindness, and joy. Reigh is one in a million. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone, and if I could have a wedding every weekend, I’d choose Reigh every damn time.

what clients are saying

Nataly & Royce

I shoot a blend of film and digital photography. Film is an analog photography medium - meaning, it is all hand developed in a lab with a dark room (the old school way). Film photography is known for evoking a feeling of "being there" when looking at the photographs. There truly isn't any way to replicate the look and feel of film photography on digital! Both film and digital have their place on a wedding day and I know when and how to shoot each for the best results.

We do offer videography through our other business, Alabaster Films. Services included cinematic highlights, vintage super 8 films, and full-length documentary edits. 

This is totally up to you. There are definitely benefits to adding one - an engagement session gives you a chance to start getting comfortable being in front of a camera, takes away some of the picture-anxiety that might be present, and gives us a chance to get creative and create some really magic photos that focus on your connection.


Should we add an engagement session?

Can we  meet before the wedding?



1000%! The best way for me to tell your story through images is to actually know your story. It's even better if we are able to meet in person - I love to take my clients out to their favorite happy hour or coffee shop and spend that time getting to know your love story and observing your connection and energy together. We can do this over zoom too, but I encourage in person if at all possible. 

Can you tell me about film?

Do you also offer videography?



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