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Highlight Films are a 6-8 minute film, featuring the best moments of the day. They are more cinematic, featuring snippets like vows, toasts, etc. 

Trailer films are a bold, creative take of the day that range in length from 1-2 minutes. (Like a movie trailer commercial.)

Feature Films are more of an extended, longer documentary film, and contain the important events of the day in their entirety- like the ceremony, first dances, etc.  

Vertical fims are a version of the trailer film that are modified to a vertical format that can be shared on social media.

Super 8 Films are shot on restored vintage super 8 cameras on real film. They are developed by hand in a lab. They are nostalgic and a great option for lovers of old home movies. 


They were extremely thorough with providing us with everything we needed leading up to our wedding day along with everything we wanted and expected from them on our wedding day. They works very well with everyone, and makes sure that your day goes smoothly." - Chandler T.

Our wedding film came out better than I ever could dream. You always imagine how your day will look and go, and seeing your full vision come to life in your video- I cried when I got the email that my collection was up. It is so incredibly beautiful. - Elisha C 

My videoclip brought me to tears of love and joy! I highly recommend her and her team! Not only do they do an amazing job but they are easy to work with! 
- Victoria W.

the films

Callie & joey

trailer film

laguna gloria
austin, tx

chelsea & trey

highlight film

trinity river audubon center
dallas, tx

kenzie & austin

trailer film

dove hollow estate
east texas

Sairi & braeden

highlight film

humble hall
dallas, texas

Lauren & jay

super 8 film

hotel drover
fort worth, texas

gretchen & kyle

highlight film

private ranch
dallas, texas

Frequently Asked Questions


Definitely! We think adding audio voiceovers is such a great way to personalize your film and set apart.

In the pre-wedding questionnaire we send we will give you an opportunity to let us know what kinds of voice-overs you think you might like. We've done vows, letters, sweet toasts, snippets from the officiant, and even audio from the first look! 

Can you include my vows or a letter in my film?

Most definitely as SOON as you know you want a videographer. If you haven't seen the statistic floating around that 2024 is going to be the BUSIEST wedding year since 1984, consider this your warning. We are already booking up quickly for Saturday dates. 

So long story short - better jump on it NOW! 

How far in advance should we book?

We have a couple of package options. We can get by with 1 shooter, but we do offer a second shooter in some packages! 

How many shooters do you send to my wedding?